October Programming Focuses at CrossFit 15-501!October Programming Focuses at CrossFit 15-501!

September's fitness triumphs, October's CrossFit strength cycles, and GPP conditioning await—boost your progress now!
September 30, 2023
October Programming Focuses at CrossFit 15-501!October Programming Focuses at CrossFit 15-501!

September brought us some big wins, starting with the retests of our Snatch and Clean + Jerk. Everyone saw huge improvements, and even if it didn’t lead to heavier weights, it resulted in a greater understanding of the Olympic Lifts! We also got a small taste of the short but potent strength cycle on the horizon, with the Overhead Squat and Bench Press taking center stage almost every week.

We saw some focus on the Deadlift and the Double Under, as well as a shift in our conditioning focus to be more GPP instead of those shorter anaerobic burners! Going into October, we have some super exciting stuff, so let’s dive in!

October is going to kick off our final two strength cycles of the year! This month and next month, we will see wave loading for two different sets of movements, and this month will revolve around the Power Clean, Bench Press, and Overhead Squat.

We will see these movements once a week in a strength session that will gradually build us to heavy doubles and then finish off with a 1RM attempt. While this won’t be a test/ retest strength cycle because it’s so short, we are confident we can see some serious progress over the five weeks to put a nice bow on the end of the year.

We will also see a gymnastics skill session once a week to help continue the things we learned/ improved upon throughout the year! The overall conditioning through the end of the year will get back to more consistent GPP…this means we will see a more even split of time domains across the weeks which will prime us nicely for the CF Open that’s right around the corner!

The last piece of this month will include an optional finisher for Chad, the Hero WOD we will be completing on Veterans Day. It is a four-week build-up and is meant to be done outside of class times. We are looking forward to starting the final three months of the year, so let’s get to work!   

Recap of NCFIT Workout September Highlights 
    •    1RM Snatch + Clean & Jerk Retest 
    •    Retest of workouts Cindy + Hurricane  
    •    Overhead Squat + Bench Press Focus 
    •    Double Under/ Jump Rope Skill Focus 
    •    Less Sprints more GPP Conditioning
NCFIT Workout October Highlights 
    •    Strength Focuses… 
    ◦    (1) Gymnastics Skill Day 
    ◦    (1) Overhead Squat Day (Wave Loading)
    ◦    (1) Bench Press Day (Wave Loading)
    ◦    (1) Power Clean Day  (Wave Loading)
    •    Metcon Focuses…
    ◦    (2-3) Moderate Time Domains
    ◦    (1-2) Short Time Domains 
    ◦    (1-2) Long Time Domains 
    ◦    (2-3) Benchmark Retests
    ◦    (1) Partner Workout Option on Saturdays
    •    NCFIT Workout October Strength Cycle 
    ◦    Power Clean / Overhead Squat / Bench Press 
    ▪    W1 - 10-8-6-8-6-4
    ▪    W2 - 8-6-4-6-4-2
    ▪    W3 - 6-4-2-4-3-2
    ▪    W4 - 10-8-6
    ▪    W5 - Test Power Clean / Overhead Squat / Bench Press

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