Personal Trainer

Collegiate soccer player

Squat 425 lbs

Bench press 285 lbs

25+ pull ups

Ran half marathon


3rd year Doctor of Physical Therapy student at UNC

ACSM certified personal trainer

Bachelors degree in exercise and sports science from Queens University of Charlotte

Coached soccer for 8 years

Been training athletes for 5 years with ranges from middle school to semi-professional athletes to the elderly

About Coach

Originally from Asheville NC where I played almost every sport growing up. I played for a nationally ranked club soccer team and also reached as high as 24th in the country for field goal kicking and punting in football. I ended up choosing to play college soccer at Queens University of Charlotte where I competed in two NCAA national tournaments. Most recently I enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at UNC straight out of undergrad. I am completing my 3rd and final year in this program where I will be diving deeper and specializing in sport and athletic performance.

Turning Point

In my junior year of high school at the start of peak college recruiting time, I tore my quad on my right leg while playing in a football game. I had thought that the season was over and that I would have to put off my college sports recruiting until the following spring. I ended up seeing a physical therapist in Asheville where I was able to rehab the injury and return to both football and soccer before the end of the season. This was my turning point as I realized the mental and physical effects that injury and a sedentary lifestyle can have on a person. This is when I decided to become a coach and a physical therapist to allow everyone to have the mental and physical benefits of exercise in a fun and exciting way without experiencing pain.

Motivation & Passion

I am here to help everyone of all backgrounds improve their physical ability so that they can enjoy the activities that they love to do without limitations. This can include improving middle school, high school, and college athletes to perfect their craft so that they can continue to play their sport for years to come. It includes the weekend warriors that love to hike, bike, swim, run, etc with friends and family. This also includes those recovering from injury or illness and wishing to return to the daily function of having fun with kids, grandkids, and others without pain.

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